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A well done roof cleaning takes time, experience and skill. Many homeowners try to DIY their roof cleaning needs, but this can cause damage to your home or even injury to yourself. 

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Pressure cleaning can be chosen to restore and clean dirty patios, siding and other exterior surfaces. Hire a professional with experience to pressure wash your property, not damage it.

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We are proud to offer residential and commercial soft cleaning, roof cleaning, roof washing, driveway and concrete cleaning, deck cleaning, rust removal, paver cleaning, and of course our amazing soft wash roof cleaning service.

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Discover how experience can make a difference while cleaning your dirty roof 

When you need your dirty roof cleaned, contact a professional. Roof replacement is not always necessary but a roofing contractor won't tell you that! Let us provide a clean roof by providing a soft wash roof cleaning that won't break the bank!

High pressure cleanings or trying to DIY your roof cleaning can actually cause damage and require costly repairs. Don't make this mistake. Our exterior cleaning service can provide a clean property while saving you thousands of dollars.


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We considered power washing our roof but decided it wasn't safe. The bottom line is that we are happy we called Action and now have a clean property. The roof and siding as well. Thanks so much!

Sarah James


I considered power washing my roof and once I started I just knew it was too powerful and was damaging the shingles surface material. I called and got a free estimate that i felt was a much better option. My roof looks great now.

Mike Tatum


I didn't even know professional roof washing was an option! I contacted a roofer who quoted me at over $10K for a new roof. But now my roof stains are gone for a fraction of that cost. So happy I took Action!

Lisa Bellucci



Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Invest In A Long Island Roof Cleaning?

For residential homeowners, it is recommended to clean your roof once every 2-3 years or so. By doing so you can extend the life of you roof almost by double! Reason being that every year, the most important part of your home, your roof, takes abuse every day from the sun, the rain, the falling debris, the snow and most people forget that fact. 

Many people will leave twigs, sticks, leaves, dirt and other debris on their roof and wait for the weather to clean it off. This is what starts the failing of your roof. While the bigger items may get blown off your roof eventually, what you don't see is the smaller plant life that was given an opportunity to grow on your roof underneath the leaves, sticks and twigs.

Organic matter left on your roof can hold moisture, and when moisture is siting on your roof for days or weeks, it allows spores of mold and algae to collect and grow. The damage you allow today may not be seen for several weeks or months. And that is why routine maintenance can help to prevent a roof that is "too far gone" for a Long Island Roof Cleaning or Soft Wash. 

Why Invest in Long Island Roof Cleaning or Soft Wash

Having your roof cleaned is not a luxury, it actually should be considered as general maintenance for your home. If you neglect your roof, then your asphalt shingles may begin to lose their elasticity and they will become dirty and work less efficiently. Dirty shingles begin to collect debris, big and small and this leads to them working less effectively to protect your home from water, snow, ice as well as organic problems including moss, algae, lichen and mold.

Other issues that should be cleaned periodically from your roof include mud, leaves, twigs and other plant life. These can hold moisture on your roof which will decrease the life of those shingles or tiles and speed up the degradation process of your roof. When you begin to see shingles crumbling or fragments of your shingles coming down through your gutters, then you have a problem that you can prevent from getting much worse.

How Much Does Long Island Roof Cleaning or Soft Washes Cost?

Long Island Roof Cleaning or a Soft Wash is an excellent maintenance choice for any home. Our service provides a very safe but effective way to clean your roof and protect your home. When homeoeners DIY their roof cleaning, they more often than not cause more damage then they had in the first place.

Costs for Long Island Roof Cleaning or soft washes can vary from $500 - $1500 depending upon the size of the roof and the current state as well. The worse condition your roof is in, the more work it will be to try and clean it.

There are other factors included in cost as well. Another factor in pricing of a roof cleaning is additional services you may be interested in. You may also be interested in gutter cleaning services. If you haven't cleaned your gutters in some time, you definitely want to make sure they are clean and free of debris that can lead to more roof problems.

You may also decide that you'd like some power washing done around your home as well. Patios, driveways, walkways and other even siding on your home can benefit from being pressure washed to remove debris, dirt, mold and other unsightly issues. Pressure washing your Long Island home can help to improve the beauty that time and lack of maintenance may have stolen.

If cost of cleaning your roof is your biggest concern, then you may want to get the service performed sooner than later. The reason I say this is because if you're concerned about spending $1500 on cleaning your roof, wait till you find out that replacing it will cost 8-10 thousand dollars or more! A little preventative maintenance will help save you a ton of money!

Should I Clean or Replace My Roof?

If you're roof has black streaks or looks dirty, then it might benefit greatly from a good roof cleaning or soft wash. Dark spots, black streaks and rust spots are the typical ugly features that a simple cleaning will reduce or eliminate. Now if your roof has signs of algae, moss and lichen then you may opt for a cleaning and a soft wash. These organic plants can better stick to your roof and the more there is, the longer it takes to clean. Most roofing contractors will immediately tell you it's time to replace the roof. Why not, they get to charge $10,000 for a new roof. They won't be willing to tell you that a professional roof cleaning contractor can clean your roof for a tenth of that cost. A Long Island Roof Cleaning can be anywhere from $500 - $1500 which is much more affordable.

If we perform an inspection and decide that your roof is beyond a thorough roof cleaning or soft wash, we will direct you to a reputable roofing contractor who won't take advantage of you. Almost like a free roofing consult! So, by contacting us you can save money cleaning your roof or get directed to a reliable professional to replace it.

Why Clean A New Roof?

Roof age is not the determining factor when considering a Long Island Roof Cleaning or Soft Wash. The important factor is the amount of dirt and debris on the roof. Many homeowners dont realize that their home is situated under trees that can cause roof damage and other issues. You can have a 2 month old roof, but if there are leaves, dirt or other debris on your roof, these are potential issues immediately. A brand new roof can collect moisture just as good, sometimes even better than an old roof! This is why cleaning a new roof every 2-3 years is recommended. It ensures that there is no debris collecting to allow for mold, spores, algae, lichen or other roof damaging debris to start working on the destruction of your roof. 

Does A Professional Roof Cleaning Dry Out My Roof Asphalt Shingles?

Professional Roof Cleaning does not damage or dry out your roof. As long as your roof cleaning contractor has done their research on the products they use. Our Long Island Roof Cleaning Company has done extensive research on the best roof cleaning products that won't damage your roof. They actually help to preserve your roofs protecting ability. General maintenance of your roof not only helps to keep it looking clean and free from black streaks, dirt, rust, algae, mold lichen and other problems, it helps it to better protect itself from these problems as well.

Will Pressure Washing My Roof Cause Damage To My Shingles?

A very typical question we often get asked is pressure washing, power washing or soft washing damaging to your roof and shingles. The answer is yes and no. If done correctly, then no damage should occur. 

Many homeowners will try to clean their roof with a common household pressure washer and this is the problem! Most pressure washers are not made to allow for high and low settings. So using a pressure washer to clean your roof can create a much bigger problem by breaking down the composition of your shingles, and sometimes even ripping the shingles off your roof. If this happens, it's a major problem. We often get called to houses when a homeowner has tried to do it yourself roof clean and now they have a major problem on their hands. 

Professional roof cleaning and soft washing allows for the gentle application of pressure while cleaning your roof. With a soft roof wash specialist, we know the right pressure to use and the best angles to use to prevent shingle damage. This comes with experience. And this is why it's worth hiring a roof cleaning company that knows what they are doing!

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