Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning

Let’s talk about asphalt roof cleaning and specifically what is non pressure roof cleaning or as it’s also been called, what is soft wash roof cleaning. Basically, what that means is that we do not use a pressure washer on the roof. we appreciate you coming by to learn more about a soft wash, or non pressure roof cleaning. 

There are many ways to clean a roof, but not all are safe for the house and most importantly the roof itself! Power washing should not be done when performing a roof cleaning. If a company recommends it, decline their services immediately! power washing is when a contractor will get on your roof with a high pressure power washer and actually use pressurized water to clean your roof.

Applying high pressure water against those shingles on top of your roof is a very poor way to clean the asphalt shingles. It’s not a good way to go about the cleaning. It can destroy the shingles, even if it’s a low pressure roof cleaning. That’s still not a good way to go about it, because if they’re using a pressure washer period, then they’re using some form of pressure. So that’s not a roof cleaning contractor that you probably want to hire because it’s going to do more damage than good.

non-pressure roof cleaning

Another thing that some roof cleaning contractors do is use a surface cleaner to clean roofs. That is a terrible thing to do. Surface cleaning using surface cleaner is specifically designed for cleaning concrete. So you definitely don’t want that on top of your roof. Harsh chemicals will get onto your property, potentially in your home. There are no harsh chemical components in our product. 

There’s another method called a pitch, which has a bar that’s connected to a hose and has another bar with pressure washing nozzles at the end. And that would be one of your “low pressure” roof cleaning options. But again, it’s done with a pressure washer and it’s pretty aggressive on the roof. These methods should not be done to any roof. 

Our cleaning system is a soft wash roof cleaning method. Now we use a 12 volt electric pump that’s connected to a battery. This pump produces just enough pressure to get our cleaning solution onto your tile or shingle roof. It would be less than a garden hose pressure. It’s just enough to get our cleaning solution on your roof.Safely and gently.

The solution that we use, we mix it up ourselves is unique to our company. The process we use is unique to our company. You’re not going to be able to get our style of roof cleaning services anywhere else. It’s something that we’ve developed. I’ve perfected this roof cleaning process and the different cleaning ratios and cleaners that it takes to get lichen, mold, mildew and dirt off the roof. We just spray our cleaner onto the roof and it eradicates 100 percent the infestations that are growing and helps to prevent vegetation and grime from coming back.

Just so you’re aware, pressure washing may look good, but it actually doesn’t get the deposits of those vegetation off. The lichen, the algae, the bacteria, the molds, those spores are still left on the roof. And they’ll grow back very rapidly. With our roof cleaning services and soft wash process, we aim for one hundred percent eradication of those infestations. We also offer a no grow five year warranty. That’s the Action Roof Cleaning Guarantee. We guarantee that these issues will not grow back within five years or we will come back and clean your roof for FREE!

These are the many benefits of our soft wash. And we typically do it all from a ladder. We don’t have to walk on your roof. This means our roof cleaning service is very safe. You don’t have to worry about us harming your property. That’s something that’s unique about our cleaner. It will not harm plants or shrubbery. It’s all biodegradable. And we take the proper methods to ensure that your shrubbery is protected and your landscape and property are protected.

Thanks for reading about our soft wash, non pressure roof cleaning. Soft Roof Cleaning is the only exterior cleaning method recommended by your roofing manufacturers to clean a roof and extend the life of a roof. There’s many benefits from roof cleaning. We’ll get rid of your roof stains and our roof treatment will also kill any vegetation growing. Avoid pressure cleaning your roof. This can cause damage. 

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