Roof Moss Removal

Roof moss removal is not an easy task. The reason moss grows on roofs is typically due to excess moisture and a lack of sunlight hitting your roof. The best way to prevent moss growing on your roof or in your gutter is to keep your roof and gutters from being in shade. This means plenty of sunlight. The sunlight helps to keep your roof dry and free of moisture and debris that helps moss or other vegetation establish a place to thrive. But when there is roof moss already growing, you’re going to want to remove it as soon as possible! We’d like to help with your Long Island roof moss removal needs!

When it comes to your roof, our favorite type of moss is dead moss! Roof moss needs to be removed immediately for so many reasons. First being that vegetation on your roof is certain to ruin your asphalt shingles, and then in turn your roof. Moss growth on roof shingles is the leading cause of excess moisture on your roof. Shingles sole purpose is to keep your roof dry. And if your roof surface is covered in moss, it can’t keep water off the roof. This moisture will ruin the shingles, and then make it’s way under your roof shingles and into your plywood or roof sheathing. This makes your roof sheathing start to rot and in turn completely fail.

Roof Removal Procedure

Let’s prevent additional roof moss from growing by discussing our roof moss removal procedure! It’s best to hire a professional company to remove your roof moss as we use safety gear to ensure no accidents occur on your property. Roofs can be slippery and can cause serious injury or death if a fall were to occur. We will use slip resistant shoes and safety rope and harnesses when the dirty roof is a major safety concern. Once we’re properly prepared to remove the moss from your roof, we can then begin the process of doing so.

roof moss removal

Our first step is typically to use a standard garden hose to clear off larger debris from the roof. We also have special nozzles that help us to perform a quick soft wash on your roof. once we’ve removed larger debris by hand or with gentle water, we then move onto the cleaning phase. We never pressure wash roofs. A pressure washer can literally destroy your roof shingles. We are constantly called by homeowners who attempt to pressure wash their roof and then they end up needing roof repairs and in some cases an entire new roof! Please do not pressure wash your roof. If a contractor recommends it, we would recommend you find another contractor!

Our procedure is a much more professional approach than raw power from a pressure washer. We have special scrub brushes that we use to gently scrub your roof. When we scrub your shingles, we’re always careful to remove the moss, lichen and other vegetation, but not damage your roof shingles. This is a delicate job that must be done correctly, otherwise you can do more harm than good. we walk every foot of your roof areas to ensure we give a good scrub to all vegetation. Lichen, Algae, Fungus and Moss are all on our list of roof problems. And we aim to eradicate all forms of vegetation from your roof.

Once properly scrubbed, we then begin to use our liquid form moss, lichen, fungus and algae killer. This product does not include any chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach can actually damage your shingles, roof and even harm your property and plant life, pets, etc. Our non chemical solution is safe and effective! We will either use our special foam application device to apply our product to all your roofing material, and we even use small and large spray bottles to get smaller areas. This product helps to kill moss on you roof without the need for a harsh chemical or bleach solution. All of our cleaning products are safe for humans, animals and plants. Except for those we aim to eliminate!

Our Roof Moss Removal Guarantee

Once we have applied our roof cleaning solution, there is no further action needed. we will spray down your home and property to ensure no over spray gets on your property. The excess solution will simply go into your gutter and can safely drain onto your property. Our solution will not only kill the moss, lichen, algae and fungus, it will also prevent moss growth for years. We actually guarantee to prevent moss growth for at least 5 years! If there is evidence of new moss, lichen, algae or fungus, we will come perform our service again. This is our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

In time, our roof moss removal service will continue to work. With each and every rainfall, you will notice less and less moss as well as a brighter, cleaner roof. You may not need to replace your existing roof, if you catch these vegetation issues early on!Let Action help to remove moss from your existing roof or prevent it from occurring on your newer roof!

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